How can I make quick cash


Quick ways to make money online fast in 2021

1. Blogging tips and tricks- this is one of the best way to make money from blog via google adsense by writing contents, sharing online and selling products. In blogging, the first point to remember is the keywords analysis, next is the content creation, add functionality to blog. Research and analyst reported that blogs with news, forum type and blogs site are most popular and widely used for generations huge incomes online which is legal. The whole procedures can be done in different ways. You can sell products, affiliate marketing, teach online, etch on your own blogs and reach to to thousand of clients online. 

2. Start a YouTube channel: during the initial phase of starting a YouTube channel you will need 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize it from page views and clicks. When once your done with the policy, for every 1000 views, you will be paid online. Make sure your channel have beautiful content that can attact viewers online to generate more income from monetization. 

3. Website designing hosting: Start easily a WordPress website with free hosting domains and earn by adding functionalities on it. With a website you can Sell products, discuss on any topics, affiliate marketing, etc

This ways you can earn a lot of money online performing simple task everyday online. 

That is to say, in frankly speaking or writng these three techniques to make money is so easy but in reality it takes to complete threshold however if you are very smart then this can be done so easily. You can even make more than $100 a day. 

There are also other techniques which you may like to learn. 

Which app gives real money? 

Apps like articlly, inbox dollars, branded survey, opinion outpost, etc gives money genuinely. In the mentioned app earning would depend on completion of tasks given. Task would be of different types ranging from survey taking to captcha filling. The more you perform the better performance you will get and more money. 

How to get free money? 

Getting free money is not easy but you can try it. There are companies that offer free money on completion of tasks. Some popular names of such companies are swagbuck,inbox dollar, etc. Remember getting free money also takes time in reality. During this pandemic days getting some free money is verybhelpful to poor citizen like me. However with this hope of self learning one should be very confident, consistent and have patience on making money this passive ways

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