Mother as a warrior


 Mother as a warrior

It was a painful night for akira she was about to give birth to her child , she was happy but also worried at the same time
  It was a winter she gave birth to the baby girl at 3:15am Akira saw her daughter's face she was beautiful like an angel she adores her. But at the same time she knows one thing that she will be the only parent her daughter have, and she was ready to face all the consequences to protect her daughter.
 After one month of her delivery, she got the divorce from her husband and the custody of her daughter because she always knows if her child will live with her husband her child will suffer so much because child's father was an alcoholic and not a good man. When Akira was upbringing her child , she was facing so many struggles. Akira's mom and dad was constantly telling her that "we don't have enough money for her and for her child" Akira was devastated because not just society but her own parents was not supporting her in this critical situation.
After a month or two Akira moves from her parents house with her child to her sisters house in the city, but city life was hard for her as a single mother. But soon she found a 9-5 job in two years she had an experience, knowledge, and enough income to live and buy her own house. She thanked her sister for helping and settled in her new house with her child, soon her daughter was started going to school but in school her daughter have to go through mocking comments because in some countries living without a husband and father give people chance to mock with bad and ridiculous comments. When Akira's daughter told her that she was having a hard time in school, akira always tell her daughter that"when you know you're doing right, and you're on the right path you don't have to give a validation to people." Her daughter was happy after listening to Akira's words because her mom was her idol .
In next three years Akira built her own successful business,and she was proud of herself as a mother because she sets an example to be brave and confident in front of her daughter and the world she always said that (to me ) her only daughter that if women know her power she can change her life as well as world 

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