Ways to Achieve Longevity and Feel Younger


 1. Let’s begin with food. Scientists remind: various studies show that food and diet area unit one of the most strategies obtainable to regulate the speed of aging and longevity. the primary step can cut back their diet by the twenty-fifth by reducing consumed parts. This methodology of handling aging is known as «caloric restriction. However, less doesn’t mean worse. it’s vital to watch the balance of nutrients so as to get the mandatory quantity of essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. fortuitously, this will be achieved by uptake enough obtainable and cheaper product, as well as mature in their own garden if you have got one.

2. Avoid products containing trans fats, with the addition of associate degree far more than fruit sugar and salt. sadly, typically the labeling rules in some countries don’t need a right to specify trans fats in products, thus specialists advise that specialize in names like modify fats, margarine, oil. Often, trans fats area unit found in varied spreads and also the butter for sandwiches.

3. Avoid deep-fried foods. Use different similar cookery strategies, several of them, like baking, stewing, aero grill, saucepan, and others.

4.Avoid sugar-coated drinks and juices, fast food, and eating place food.

5. each day chuck a minimum of five hundred grams of vegetables (excluding potatoes), leafy greens (parsley salad). For sweet, the simplest match isn’t terribly sweet fruits; they contain biologically active substances, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. The latter is that the guarantee of excellent digestion and also the health of the enteric microflora. At the identical time, watch out for excess fruit sugar since it provokes metabolic syndrome.

6. thrice per week try and eat fatty fish, nuts, seeds (pumpkin, sesame, and linen), olive and linseed oil, mushrooms, chocolate, seafood. Garnish with a high glycemic index (white rice, mashed potatoes, or deep-fried potatoes) to exchange the additional helpful (buckwheat, fabricated from wheat, whole grain cereals, and legumes).

7.try and eat most foods that contain vitamins:

- B6 (beans, walnut, buckthorn, beef liver)

- B12 (cod, carp, perch, beef)

- K (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers)

- D3 (fish oil, cod liver oil, egg yolk)

- B vitamin (broccoli, spinach, citrus fruits)

- omega-3 fatty acid (herring, mackerel, linseed oil, walnuts)

- metallic element (cheese, farm products)

- Mg (pumpkin seeds, benni seeds, buckwheat, oatmeal, walnuts)

- atomic number 30 (buckwheat, beans, peas, pumpkin seeds, benni seeds, peanuts)

- element (Brazil around the bend, garlic, mushrooms, corn)

- Iodine (seaweed, cod liver oil, pollock, perch).

It is these substances that have the most {effective} anti-aging effect as shown by studies.

8. If there are unit difficulties with the utilization of such products (contra-indications, difficulties with the acquisition, etc.), specialists admit the utilization of multivitamins supplements. However, the angle to vitamins from pharmacies within the majority of specialists in anti-aging is extremely cautious. Such nutriment supplements area unit suggested as a final resort — providing you’ll not get your vitamins from food. It ought to be remembered that associate degrees far more than vitamins and minerals don’t seem to be less harmful than the dearth of them, emphasize the scientists. Food, even wealthy in vitamins, is unlikely to form associate degree far more than vitamins and minerals within the body, however with dietary supplements, that is, in fact, “a concentrate of vitamins,” the danger of obtaining an associate degree far more than vitamins is far higher. Ideally, it’s fascinating to sporadically do an analysis to search out what vitamins area unit digestible within the body, and additionally, it’s necessary to do an analysis to see the number of essential micronutrients within the plasma

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